Rolling Shoegaze / Dreampop Thread 2019


Just listening now - nice woozy stuff :+1:

Wish Curve would do a reformation too :frowning_face:


As an avid follower of Curve and their numerous reformations I never really got on with SPC ECO. Seem to have made a lot of albums though, so good on them.


Don’t suppose anyone is going to the Narrow Head gig in London later?


Just echoing the reactions above and wanted to thank you for posting this - it’s bloody marvellous! Plus it led me to this wonderful lil gem of an EP that you might dig too:

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New Maps track (album forthcoming) and London show…

Show details…


Nope, but I did look them up, and very nice - sort of early Catherine Wheel / Ride / Smashing Pumpkins esque thing going on.


They played one song that sounded like about 3 different Pumpkins songs being played at once. They remind me a bit of Deftones, and are clearly influenced by them - The guitarist started riffing Be Quiet and Drive, to which the drummer responded by beating out the intro to Around The Fur. It was a bit of a sloppy gig, I think, though might be wrong, they’d had a few to drink, but it was enjoyable and good to hear some heavy shoegaze bands in a small venue.

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From the little I’ve listened to so far, if there was ever a band that fit the old “melodic/aggressive shoegaze” thread, then this is the one.


I think that’s where I first saw them suggested.

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I can’t get to 10 at the mo without lots of thinking but if we’re talking post-2000 albums I would mention

  1. My Vitriol - Finelines (it’s actually the record that put me on to shoegaze as I was 16 when it came out and had no prior knowledge of shoegaze or MBV etc so couldn’t figure out how so much was going on and how it could be replicated live).

  2. Cheatahs - Mythologies - recommended to me a few years ago and instantly fell in love with this one.

  3. Ringo Deathstarr - God’s Dream (they’re one of the best of the current crop I think)

  4. APTBS - Exploding Head - I know most prefer the s/t debut but think EH is my fave

  5. Twilight Sad - NOCEK (again not most people’s favourite

6 ) Soft Moon - Criminal (Think this is my fave of all 4)

  1. TVAM - Psychic Data

There are more but can’t get to them at at the mo.

feel free to recommend anything I’ve missed



Exploding Head, with the most recent album a very close second, and the debut a close third, with the others really not that far behind those.

True fact: I have never (knowingly) heard a My Vitriol song. I’m not sure I can bring myself to listen to Felines given all I know of the band from the My Vitriol thread.


I hadn’t listened to this until now. Not what I’d normally call shoegaze (same with the Soft Moon) but I like it very much!


Glad you like it.

TVAM is excellent and I’m telling anyone who’ll listen about the album. Agree it’s probably not strictly shoegaze but has some of the ingredients, namely reverb and vocals low in the mix.

Same with SM to an extent - funny thing is I never meet anyone who has heard of SM.


Thanks for the tip - really liked this - shoegazey dreampop with post-rock elements like you say - bang up my street


In response re: recommendations:

My personal faves are quite obvious (focussing on the pre 00s of my prior posts):
MBV - Loveless (give it plenty of listens until it sinks in)
Slowdive - Souvlaki, Just for a day and Pygmalion
Ride - Nowhere and Today Forever EP
Verve - Storm in Heaven and early EPs
Catherine Wheel
Galaxie 500 - On Fire, This is our music, Today
Pale Saints - Comforts in Madness
Cocteau Twins - Lullabies to Violaine is a good place to start plus Heaven & Las Vegas
Moose - Early Eps as collated as extras to X&Y re-release
Swervedriver - Raise
Chapterhouse - Whirlpool

To be honest the Pitchfork* top 50 shoegaze abums list is a great reference point including much of my favourites

I just this week got into Lily’s - In the presence having heard a very Swervedriver-esque track on Gideon Coe - album is great

*first time I’ve recommended this site in an age


Thanks so much for this! The only album I’ve heard from your list is Loveless and that’s excellent so looking forward to working my way through the rest :sunglasses:

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Bark Psychosis’ ‘Hex’ turned 25 today…


Needs more Curve



Living Hour’s new album Softer Faces is out today, the follow up to their self-titled debut that came out in 2016. I was actually introduced to the band via a video posted by someone of this community in the Shoegaze/Dreampop thread of that year, and the album went on to become one of my all-time favourites, so thank you to that person!

Unfortunately, it sounds like they’ve taken a far less noisy direction with this new one. Can’t say I’m enamoured with what I’ve heard so far, but maybe it’ll grow on me.