Rolling Shoegaze / Dreampop Thread

Hey that’s me playing guitar!

Laura’s own stuff is great too, she’s got a new album of her own coming soon


I feel like this record is being played from behind a velvet curtain, in a dreamily inaudible sense. Maybe others on this thread will appreciate…

Sennen are back. These were the best band of the original “nu gaze” era for me - only A Place To Bury Strangers came close. This album is class;


Love love love this record. Just bought the vinyl reissue from Norman

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I had a demo from 02/03 when I lived at my parents which unfortunately they threw away which had these tracks and a couple off cuts that didn’t make the album - think they’re on the reissue so will be nice to hear them again


I have this demo cd too and I prefer it Widows if anything…would be up for them officially releasing that to be honest

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The nine track one? I don’t think they made more than 50 odd. If anyone cared they’d be worth loads

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I find it such a frustrsting album. The first track is pure gold and nothing else comes close to it.


My introduction to them was seeing an advert for a single of theirs in The Guardian, I noticed it as they used the name of a Ride B-Side, (so that worked!). Bought the single, loved it, but forgot about them. So it’s nice to hear they were actually pretty well thought of.

I wanted to like it, but felt the same.

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It’s called Sennen- Collected Recordings 2003/2004

  1. I just wanted to know 2) next day 3) I know a girl 4) opened up my arms 5) all the time 6) laid out 7) it’s good to know 8) watch the skies

Think I ordered it directly from the band

Same one?

But having said all this - listening to Widows now and really loving it…better than i remembered… well done to the esteemed Mr Cramp for re-releasing it through Sonic Cathedral

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