Rolling Shoegaze / Dreampop Thread

Initially it was a disappointment (aside from 3 songs) but I really like it now, it’s a huge step up from the last album. In Blueberry Memories is so good, that guitar tone is perfect.


Also, not sure where else to post this, but I think anyone liking the new Nothing album might like the Greet Death album from last year. It might be a bit more shoegaze adjacent than proper shoegaze, but the guitar sound and atmosphere are there. Hadn’t listened for almost a year and returned to it this morning, it was so much better than I had remembered.

Hi folks, big thanks for the Kestrels tip. Was a new one on me. My favourite genre after shoegaze is US indie-rock with Dino Jr a firm fave -so this melange of Ride-ish shoegaze and J-mascis inspired and actual J shredding is right up my street. Oddly enough it seems to me that whilst these 2 genres are well copied not many bands actually combine the two - I thought Endless Now by Male Bonding was very good and under-rated but can’t think of too many others on that Venn diagram interesect. Anyway, 5 listens in and its a dark horse contender for my AOTY. Will have to check out the earlier stuff too.

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Glad you’re enjoying. As I say their earlier stuff is less guitar solo based but very good. Also check out Kindling, from across the boarder from them in New England, if you haven’t before.

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Been really digging the Bitch Falcon album. Uptempo post punky shoegaze with a hint of Cocteau Twins


This is really good :smiley:

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Will do…thank you…that’s another new name for me…

Gray and Blue is one of my songs of the year - the rest of the album didn’t really stand up to it, but amazing song.

Anyone heard of Animal Ghosts? Just stumbled across them by accident. Appear to have released 5 albums since September last year. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but enjoying the latest one:

First track is like Ringo Deathstarr covering The Radio Dept.

Nice dreamy kinda music. Reminds me of Blonde Redhead a bit.

This has definitely got the wall of noise thing going on…much better than a lot of the anemic stuff doing the rounds these days - good find! Still awaiting Panda Riot’s third which they seem to be teasing but not releasing…

Did you pick up Bedroom Eyes’ Nerves from last year? Similarly enjoyable heavy crunchy shoegaze.

No, I didn’t! It appears that no one got round to posting it to the Rolling Shoegaze/Dreampop thread (before now) :wink:

:blush: (ooops)…