Rolling Shoegaze / Dreampop Thread

Haven’t read this yet, but bookmarked it for a read, sounds interesting.


Just been listening to these again. One of the most underrated dream pop bands of the 2000s

great read. The Great Dismal does sound huge. Want to explore some of these other bands mentioned too now.

The Great Dismal is a phenomenal record. Got it on the back of a few folk recommending it on these boards. Barely played anything else the past few weeks.
Intrigued by Cloakroom now due to their involvement on TGD


Yeah, it’s astonishing. I am a huge Nothing fan, seen them 3 times, met Dom briefly…but I couldn’t shake this feeling of ‘decline’

GoE is a stone cold 10/10 classic for me, ToT brilliant in parts, the DotB was just something I haven’t listened to much at all.

When the new single released without any warning at all (ToT came out with a series of behind the scenes videos leading up to it) and was really good it was a nice surprise. And the LP shows that it wasn’t a one off.

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Yeah, it talks about DIIV Receiver, that I keep on hearing about, but have never heard. Need to sort that out.

The DIIV album is fantastic, it’s probably become the 2019 album I listen to the most. Great songs covered in thick waves of guitars.

The chorus explosion of the intro is so good:


Also highly recommend the Greet Death album they mention, along with DIIV it’s become the 2019 album whose stock has risen the most.

Hadn’t listened to the Spectres album until today. It’s good

Loved this. Know absolutely nothing about music production but find it endlessly soothing to read about. I listened to The Great Dismal as I read it which was a wonderful accompaniment, comfortably proving the article’s hypothesis. Have to say, though, the lack of a mention of Deafheaven felt almost pointed (aside from the reference to a former member).

By the way, I’ve seen a number of mentions to albums from previous years of late, and I think we lose something from annualised threads, so I suggest we just keep this one rolling from now on, unless anyone has any particular reasons that we shouldn’t?

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I agree. It’s not active enough if restricted to this-year releases

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title suggests it’s rolling to me, keep it that way


Yep, sounds a good idea!

Don’t think I’ve seen this mentioned, some heavy shoegaze from France, Mascara.

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I’ve not heard it yet, but have it in a ridiculous format. I love their others though. I do feel for them, banging out decent albums and never really getting much due, or on many people’s radar really.

Not entirely sure this is right for this thread, Citizen have a number of different styles/sounds and this is on the pop-punk side, but they have dabbled in Shoegaze and harder sounds. Still decent IMO.

New LP up for order

Was wondering myself whether to post this in emo or shoegaze and ended up doing neither. I like it, although I’m a little concerned that as the rhythm guitarist jas left, they might have dialed back on the reverby rhythms. Keeping an eye on the half and half and olive records, hoping they might release a few more tracks before both sell out.