Rolling shoegaze thread (the old-DiS sequel)

So, my last post from the old thread to dovetail into new posts for this one:

Jaguwar have produced a decent EP this year, wearing their influences on their sleeves, but there’s quite a bit of attitude and punch in their two EPs:

First EP (from last year) is here:

Second EP (II) is here:

Better still is the news that Panda Riot have a new one coming soon (Infinity Maps) previewed by this track:

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Narrow Head do the Shoegaze/Alt Rock thing rather well. They’re touring with Nothing and True Widow, I believe:

Just want to absolutely JAG my housemate’s band Elastic Sleep. On hiatus now but they’ve released some damn good stuff.

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Why does “rolling” get put in front of so many threads here? Does the word somehow differentiate the title? I’m assuming it predates my DiS tenure, but would like to be clued in. Cheers.

Oh, and I rather like that Elastic Sheep band.

Posted so I can keep track of this thread. Also, I’ve got an Elastic Sleep record somewhere, 10 inch I think.

They’re usually threads started at the start of the year to house genre specific discussions through to the end of year, e.g. theShipment’s Rolling Hip Hop or the Rolling Ambient thread. We need a Rolling Stoner thread I think…

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Great idea for a thread - not been listening to a great deal recently, but I do know that Slowdive are working on a new LP and Ride seem to be threatening to do likewise.

maybe they’ll be better in studio, but those new Ride tracks that were performed really weren’t all that good.

Looks like the Curve reunion is a no go:

and now I’m at a proper keyboard, typing “rolling” and a genre (and sometimes the year) is a good way of finding THE definitive thread for each year with the search function. Sorry I’ve trod on any toes here…

I think they’ve released enough, and the one time I saw them live (Brixton during the Cuckoo tour) the sound was fairly ropey. Swervedriver (touring Mezcal Head in support) were amazing though.

Still not heard them but had been meaning to. The third LP was pretty rubbish anyway, and Andy Bell hasn’t exactly been producing great music since the split, so not expecting a lot!

you’re not missing much. it’s pretty much GBA retread like I thought, but with nothing like Leave Them All Behind. It’s maybe not bad, but who really wants more of that, especially lesser versions of such?

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Haha! Everyone gets their name wrong! Thanks for listening to them!

10" on white vinyl! That’s the ‘Leave You’ EP, the only physical release they had. Good EP with my favourite song of theirs on it (‘Tzar Bomba’).

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Thanks, and I concur, a Rolling Stoner thread would last for years… (in my head at least)

I’d rather that than a retread of Carnival of Light or Tarantula!

new Kairon; IRSE! in February 3rd:

produced by the guy who does Oranssi Pazuzu.

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like like like.

Their last album Ujubasajuba was a glorious mix of shoegaze noise-rock and prog… far better than that sounds on paper. If anyone hasnt listened to it… it is the single best thing anyone has ever turned me on to from these forums.

Cannot wait!!!

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new Pia Fraus single:

new album next year too.

Probably been posted before but I do like this. Some shoegaze from Russia released earlier this year.


new JAMC set for March.