Rolling shoegaze thread (the old-DiS sequel)


Mentioned it elsewhere but Lush have split again. Doubt anyone here particularly cares though :frowning:


I’m particularly fond of The Sweet Release Of Death.


Damn, that was quick. I thought Out of Control was really good. Oh well.


Really digging this!


I care.

Caught them live twice this year (Oslo and Roundhouse) and they were excellent both times and clearly really enjoying themselves. Miki’s lack of filter on stage, presumably thanks to having been out of the music game for 20 years, was particularly entertaining.

Also very pleasing that they came up with new material so quickly - only four tracks, but comfortably up there with the standard of their 90s stuff. I think that Emma in particular is something of an understated whizz at writing songs.

Enjoyed it while it lasted :+1:


Yeah I went to one of the Roundhouse shows. They’d mentioned writing more material so this is a bit of a shock. I’m also a nosey bastard and want to know why. Guessing it stemmed from the Phil King leaving situation.


They’ve been fairly enthusiastic and open on social media since their reformation, and it sounds as though they have all been finding it quite difficult juggling day jobs and family. Phil in particular has got a young kid, a career as a photo editor AND is in The Jesus & Mary Chain as well…


well yes until recently. Emma has deleted her Twitter account and Phil has gone quiet. I’m sure it probably is something mundane as everyday life though as you say. But such a shame as I’m sure they had another album in them.


it’s odd because a leaked promo statement (I think it was posted on the old forum) mentioned both a new (then unreleased/unannounced) EP as well as a new album. All the details concerning the EP were correct, so I wonder what happened with the album.


Really liking Is Bliss and Pale Dian at the moment.

Suppose they were on the old thread.


I care. I would have liked to see them again in Paris where they played a great gig a few months before their “first” split.


In related news, Captain Sensible bigs up Emma’s post Lush work:

I saw Sing Sing play just before they called it a day, featuring a then very pregnant Emma, and they did have some lovely stuff…


Deutsche Ashram from the album ‘Deeper and Deeper’ released about a month ago. Despite the name they are actually Dutch.


Not sure if Ulrika Spacek counts as ‘shoegaze’, but I can’t get enough of that album. Possibly my favourite of the year.


Ride and Slowdive did some profile updates on facebook. Slowdive’s is a pressing plate(?) for presumably their new album. Not so sure what Ride has up their sleeves, though they have written new material.


Unbelievably given that it was a great record, Ringo Deathstarr are doing a name your price on bandcamp for their last album. Also having trouble getting their Sparkler reissues out by the looks of things:


new Ride album in the works:


You had me excited then, fc. I thought you were saying ringo deathstarr had another album out.


Sorry, this year hasn’t really done it for me on the shoegaze front.


this is decent.