Rolling shoegaze thread (the old-DiS sequel)

new album announcement:

All Things Must Pass aside, some of these tracks date back from the post-JAMC projects Freeheat and Sister Vanilla.

2017 has a contender for worst artwork though.

Dean Garcia released some outtakes from Curve’s Cuckoo album:

the segues aren’t much to write home about (though they give a hint where the album title came from), but those two unreleased tracks should’ve found a home somewhere in their original form.

Half the Time sounds great!

and so is Sunset and Rising

Having a vinyl sale on ebay of early shoegaze classics. Don’t ask why. Ending tomorrow
Swervedriver, Chapterhouse,Catherine Wheel, Spiritualized, Pale Saints, Boo Radleys, Moose first issues with bonus 7"/12" plus first 2 Ride EPs, Slowdive’s best EP, A Lush 10", MBV’s YMMR EP. Seller name shimmetry. Looks like most are going abroad at the moment. Catherine Wheel and Swervedriver having most interest at the mo, £56 and £40. Sold Loveless last week for £143…

New solo track from Ladytron’s Helen Marnie:

Her solo stuff is definitely more electro pop than Ladytron’s stuff (although the final 10 seconds certainly have a classic shoegaze vibe) but I’m not starting a standalone thread as that would be equivalent to sending up deep blue’s Garbagearmageddon signal…

Revisited Autolux this morning.

Revisiting Autolux was a great idea.


new No Joy:

didn’t like their last album and EP much, but this one’s pretty good, even with the goofy video.

You can hear the whole EP here now: No Joy "Creep" EP (opaque aqua blue pressing) – Grey Market

the EP is pretty good, not so sure about that metal track though.

new single from The Veldt (NSFW):



Like a poor version of very early Tamaryn (Led Astray / Washed Ashore). I appreciate they’ve been around for a long time, but it’s still a bit weak. I have to say, 2017 has been very slow so far for decent shoegaze records. Maybe we’re about to enter a new low spot after a few really good years…

don’t really get the Tamaryn comparison considering there’s not much she was doing that was especially original, and none of it was the R&B-tinged version the Veldt has been doing.

Even with a new Slowdive and Ride, I think the shoegaze revival has been winding down for the past year or two. It’s still active, but it seems like there’s less and less of note coming out that at all differentiates itself from the original wave; not to mention I don’t have especially high hopes for the new Ride and the new Slowdive probably won’t be much better than above average.

new Ride is out in June, entitled “Weather Diaries”

Righto, the melodic aggressive (?) shoegaze thread is doing well, so time to update the old shoegaze thread. As posted on the aforementioned, You’re Jovian have a top Swirlies-esque mini-LP out on bandcamp, a sample of which is here:

and Panda Riot have finally announced the release date for their newie, Infinity Maps, previews of which are on their facebook page:

And obviously the new Slowdive. Obviously.

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New Underground Lovers album:

I always thought of them as shoegazy, but other disagree. Who cares — on a first listen, this is sounding great. Lots of great guitar, though still a few melodic, acoustic-y tracks as well. Closest thing to Leaves Me Blind they’ve done yet.

Check out Glamnesia or Every Sign, if you’re pressed for time.

I haven’t been keeping up, did Alex ever rejoin?

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We’re releasing the debut record for Dirt Devil from Western MA. Check out the video, and if you like it the record is up for pre-order now!

The Panda Riot album came out a couple of weeks ago and it’s really great.
There is zero chatter about it, which is kinda sad. Even running a Google search for the album only brings up a handful of posts on obscure blogs.

The scuzzy opener is so good.

And this track makes me swoon.