Rolling Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal problems thread

I’ve started this because, for some reason, on my laptop I’ll start playing an album on Spotify (not on shuffle) and after a few tracks it will go back to the beginning track which is getting pretty frustrating.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Feel free to vent about streaming service problems or annoyances in here as well.

mine’s been doing that a bit lately, yeah. load of balls.

yeah i’ve noticed a few recent quirks with spotify. don’t like how they’ve swapped the bottom bar around on the desktop, don’t think it’s added anything.

also i don’t like how you can remove a track from a playlist you’re listening to without going to the edit function. seems like it should just been a menu option on the iOS app.

finally, i wish they’d put some kind of explicit filter on it. my playlists are full of hip-hop etc but sometimes i’ll be playing tunes in the car and want to skip those with the kids in the back. at the moment i have to manually maintain clean and normal versions of my main playlists. seems such an easy fix as well. spotify seem really stubborn to any community suggestions. downloading daily mixes offline would be great too.