Rolling Star Wars Thread

Remember the heist episode in Mando season one

I watched that just after the Rick and Morty heist episode and it was so funny how many of the story beats they hit :smiley:


I haven’t seen any of it yet, might start it after my Sopranos rewatch.


So long as the 2 seasons of Atlanta that have been promised come first (maybe along with the 5th season that has was in the process of being written last summer) come first he can have the Lando show. I’ll be very irked if Lando comes before Atlanta.

If you can’t handle Disney Star Wars at its worst … you don’t deserve it at it’s best.

- Darth Vader

Mandalorian goes with the Disney stuff, TBH.

The Last Jedi is the only fairly innovative aspect of any of it and the best overall (takes the most risks, still ends up revisiting the OT, particularly Hoth and ultimately it’s only a journey for characters and doesn’t move the story on at all).

There are good bits to all the rest but they’re all weighed down by their desire to not stir up the hatred the Prequels got and/or with reverence for the OT, and so end up playing it wildly safe in ways that limit them. If they’d only just accepted that not everyone liking The Last Jedi was the same as ‘taking risks is a bad idea’ we’d be a lot better off, I think.

(Yes I do think there are good bits to The Rise TROS Skywalker. Big amounts of stupid too.)

Yeah the performances in Solo were mainly good, the film was just didn’t really engage me at all. I should give it and Rogue One another watch. Maybe I’ll become one of the people who hate change and therefore think Rogue One is the best Star Wars or whatever :joy:

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I just discovered this Reddit sub

And boy does it live up to it’s name. So much hate… So many hurt fanboys.

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Finally found my people, might jump ship from dis

I did think of you when I was reading it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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indirect spoilers for the mandalorian

  1. Return of the Jedi
  2. The Mandalorian
  3. Empire Strikes Back
  4. The Force Awakens
  5. A New Hope
  6. The Phantom Menace
  7. The Rise of Skywalker
  8. Revenge of the Sith
  9. Solo
  10. Rogue One
  11. The Last Jedi
  12. Attack of the Clones

They’re all really good though


I find your ordering disturbing


John Cena voice: Are you sure about that?

What’s this list in order of?

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Obviously any list of someone’s favourites has always been entirely subjective and can’t be ‘wrong’, per se.

Until now.




god that felt like it lasted hours

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I wish there was one that lasted hours