Rolling Star Wars Thread

It’s Star Wars though.

Hilariously I found a video of someone playing it and it’s obviously not really as good as I remember. 28 years is a loooong time in synthesised music. Still, it definitely added to the atmosphere even bleepy-bloopy style.

Perhaps you were thinking of Force Commander?

or Star Wars Rebellion

EDIT: the bottom link is broken because of the underscores. This might work better:

ooof that’s good bit of lore that.

shame they fucked it with mando foldy tie.

also kylo ren just flat out parked one on the edges of it’s wings in TROS


Can I just say that I proper love expanded Star Wars lore?

The films are paper thin in many ways but it really fleshes them out and enriches the experience.

Spaceships go pew pew


Still so fucking pissed off about all the Expanded Universe being ditched and non-canon.

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Remember when they rubbed salt in and tried to defend Disney Star Wars difficulties compared to the MCU by saying it’s not like they had comics or books to work from.

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The filmmakers killed the potential idea of ‘more Death Stars’ by including Death Stars (or a bloody Starkiller Base) in almost every film. Having 100 in TROS would’ve been more eye-rolling than any of the storylines we actually got :smiley:

Ask the Geonosians - they won said tender.

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Currently: 4 - 5 - 3 - 6 - 9 - 8 - 1 - 7 - 2

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Fuck it, just bought an A-Wing. Need a B-Wing and X-Wing from the Rebel side and a TIE Fighter and TIE Advanced from the Imperials now.


Rewatching the originals, for the nth time, while I’m on holiday. It would have passed me by first time around, but I love the squabble between Piett, Veers and Ozzel in TESB: it’s “colleagues” fighting for position in front of the boss in every organisation in the galaxy. The look Ozzel gives Piett at the end of it is :ok_hand:.
Beats me why anyone in the empire accepts a promotion, though. Just seems to increase the chances of Vader breaking your neck, but there’s no idiot like an ambitious idiot.


quite like this article, refreshing to see something from the pro TLJ/Johnson perspective that doesnt demonise people who didnt like it

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