Rolling Techno/House/Electronic/Dance Whatever 2020

I’m sure many heads will be aware of this already, but the mercurially talented Vladimir Ivkovic & Ivan Smagghe have a compilation of beautiful IDM coming out in January. Pre-ordered it as soon as it landed, obvs:


Nice set from Daniel Avery featuring Loraine James, Surgeon, Blawan etc

Recent R1 residency from Amelie Lens - slammin as ever

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Really recommend the GILA album that’s just come out (it’s on Spotify, expect the link below will be updated later today). Hard to categorise, mostly slower tempo grime/trap style instrumentals. FFO: Actress.

Appears that RA have spent their government funding on repurposing the site as somewhere to promote dodgy streams.


Have we covered the new Bambounou on AD93 yet?

TFTT is 11 minutes of pure inspiration.


Love this. The B-side is nice too

Reid Willis is on Max Cooper’s label and sounds a bit like slower Jon Hopkins. I’m really enjoying this, it’s got a great edge to it.

tom ravenscroft played this on friday, as did doc scott in his essential mix that night. uk drill inflected, sounds different to my ears. ivy lab- teacup…
Ivy Lab - ‘Teacup’ (Official Audio) - YouTube

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Another nice release from AD93 - new Avalon Emerson this time:

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twisted animator


Dozzy’s D&B EP is very good. First and third tracks are the standouts for me, close to that half-step stuff he plays when he DJs sometimes.

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