Rolling Techno/House/Electronic/Dance Whatever 2020

Re-textured cancelled/rescheduled - details to be emailed soon apparently.

Also, he’s just had a tour cancelled due to the fuckery (one I think he was playing bass on, not a solo thing) and he has 50% off his catalogue on Bandcamp, so you know what to do:

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Inevitably, a tonne of great new compilations and special releases on bandcamp today:

Lobster Theremin have put out three mammoth volumes of new tracks (money goes to Shelter, Mind and a new fund for struggling artists):

Call Super alias, two tracks previously only available to friends:

Body Verse compilation inc Roza Terenzi, D Tiffany, Simo Cell, Nathan Micay, money going to a relief fund:

And the Mother’s Finest compilation is out too, another stacked track listing:


Enjoying Nazar - Guerrilla (Hyperdub) on first listen.

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The new Bicep is lovely, a kind of Orbital / FSoL mash up


Another new Minor Science track which is lovely until the drum solo?!


Liking this track from the new Vril EP, feels very pop-oriented:

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Bonkers. Love it.


I notice someone actually bought that stone tablet on the Bandcamp page as well. £500. Also bonkers. Also love it.

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New Jasss EP and Ital Tek album out

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Turbo Olé is SUCH a banger.


Anyone tuned into Club Quarantane? Not sure who this is now but it sounds ayt

Fancied tuning in for Skee Mask.

4.30am. :roll_eyes:

DJ EZ is live-streaming a 24 hour set on YouTube right now. You know what you’re gonna get with an EZ set, but it might put a smile on your face for an hour or so. I’m about 8 hours ahead of the UK - judging by the comments, there’s lots of people still up and partying (hopefully in a responsible and self-isolating fashion.)
Disclaimer: he did play a bassline remix of Smells Like Teen Spirit about ten minutes ago.

How many times do you think he’ll play Flowers in 24h? I reckon at least ten

Didn’t hear it tbf; probably saving it to mix into Little Man into Battle into…well, you know the rest. He’s definitely a small doses DJ but sticking on the livestream for a half hour chunk at a time has been quite nice.

Everyone sitting on albums should just release them now, we need this!

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Yeah, rubbish eh

This is reviewed on RA today and I am loving it tbh

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