Rolling techno/house/electronic/dance/whatever 2021

New thread for a new year - here’s last year’s thread:

A new mix from Peach to get stuck in to:


teki latex played this on his most recent radio 1 residency show, saying it was something “very hard”, which was an accurate statement. scalameriya- juggernaut…

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new Photonz is nice

lush, mid-tempo dance music

i wonder if that will be a running theme, a lot more subdued dance music being released over the next year?

is this interesting? no!

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I hope not, I could really do with some banging dance tunes right now.


This is really good, thanks.


Wasn’t sure whether to bung this in the ambient thread or here, but since we’re talking subdued dance, here’s a nice mix I’ve been enjoying whilst working for the past couple of hours:

this mix is a perfect tonic for reluctant bodies with its slowly cascading rhythms and soft focus melodies serving as a gentle New Year wakener. It’s laced with perfectly dreamy pads and ramshackle drums that are never too forceful but always compelling. While often invitingly sombre in mood, the clouds do break along the way to bring moments of real lightness and joy just when you need it.


A new label from Tasker (also runs AD93) called Lith Dolina has its first compilation out next month, the preview tracks are nice, ambient breakbeat type stuff:

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That Peach mix was exactly what I needed today, especially that second half.

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This seems like a nice idea, will be interesting to see which DJs they’re commissioning:

And … it’s live. New LP today - 5 tracks, 42minutes


Great little 30-minute mix from Beatrice Dillon on BBC 6 earlier:

Revisited her old NTS show after, this one in particular packed with so many good tunes:


Been enjoying this mix from Shifted over the weekend, trippy hypnotic techno:

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Quite enjoyed the last few Soulwax remixes probably since their last album particularly that Marie Davidson one.


Some stuff I’ve been enjoying so far this year:

Chicago trickster Beau Wanzer with the weirdo, claustrophobic, EBM-type playfulness

New LP by visionary dnb & techno experimentalist ENA on Nullpunkt:

Acemo following up 2019’s ‘All My Life’ with a similarly, gloriously spirit-lifting ‘part 2’. ‘New Daft Punk’ is the absolute tonic:

Unbelievably beautiful, hypnotic, choral sound design/exhibition stuff from Marta Forsberg:

Teresa Winter’s contribution to Boomkat’s ‘Documenting Sound’ series, which I hope lasts forever and ever. She’s gone for a proper dubby, UK-centric sound on this one:

And ‘IDmemo’, the beautiful new compilation curated by Vladimir Ivkovic & Ivan Smagghe of super melodic, entrancing IDM. Loads of gems on there but the Slowdive & Polygon Window remixes are particularly exquisite:

& finally this mix by DJ Delish, which is absolutely ecstatic:


It’s a Fontaine’s DC remix

New Model Home featuring Robin from Giant Swan!

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First thing this year that’s really grabbed me, some Copenhagen-esque uptempo techno from Sweden.

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Also, more strong work from RA.

This sounds right up my street, but at the moment the article doesn’t actually contain the mix or any links to it…

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