Rolling techno/house/electronic/dance/whatever 2021

Nice one.

Hello everyone.

New to the forum, thought i’d say hi as this would probably be my go to thread :slight_smile:

Just gonna read through the thread, and maybe last yea’rs as well, and listen to some stuff people have posted.

Might post some of my mixes here too, though i feel some shame over them as, for the moment, I am a latop DJ. Not been able to have my decks set up in the last couple of places i’ve lived. Laptop DJing has been quite a saviour for me during lockdown :+1:

I have at least, somewhat pithily and self deferentially, called my recent mixes “this is not a DJ mix!” :smiley:

(my aim is to very soon buy some digital decks. i LOVE vinyl, but going digital this year has given me SO much more to work with. Been a revelation for me, to be honest.)


Welcome! Don’t be shy, show us what you got - I’m sure they’re great!


If there was a “no context DiS posts” thread…


i love this tune @LKeet6 introduced me to in a recent mix, such a strange cocktail of sounds that gel so well. hope i’m not stepping on your toes posting it and that it’s a nice teaser for anything you post…
Cybonix - Shake Your Body - YouTube

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Oh alright then! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the nice welcome. The “sync debate” is an emotive one. I used to be massively against, (and tease my traktor mate who is not able to beat match) i’m now only mildly against :stuck_out_tongue:

Really concentrating on transitions has been a nice change. But, like i said, pretty desperate to get my new decks and go back to “proper” DJing!

This is my most recent mix. It’s the most happy i’ve ever been with a mix. No “annoying” little mistakes which i always obsess over and, in my humble opinion, a tracklist that can not be bettered!


oops, it appears to have removed my link. Let’s try this:


she’s one of our best broadcasters too, jamz supernova. great interviewer, great taste, presentation. i hope the bbc treasure her.

not sure, but think her regular 1xtra show includes playlist, so was a treat when she filled in for gilles peterson, getting to flex properly


Yes! I need to catch up with her last couple of cover shows. I wish she’d get a regular weekend slot on 6 Music as her music selections would suit it. Huey → Jamz → Gilles would be decent. I’ve tried her 1xtra show - I think she’s in a late slot - but I’ve not stuck with it as the music on it gets a bit samey at times.

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if you missed it, she did a great job here…
BBC iPlayer - Is This The End Of Clubbing?

Beast of a mix from Giant Swan:

And a fun set from Objekt recently:


About time we had some new stuff from this fella, surely.

Great mix on Tom Ravenscroft’s show last week too

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yeah true - Cocoon Crush feels like such a long time ago now. Got all excited before Christmas when a Bandcamp ‘new release’ notification from him popped up, but it was just some old compilation tracks.

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Yeah me too. Really liked Cocoon Crush, think it’s pretty incredible but would love to hear some more club ready stuff from him again next. Let’s not pretend we’re not always craving some Ganzfeld.

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Not sure if it’s been posted here before but this is really glorious

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The guest mix sherelle just did on Mary Ann Hobbes was pretty, pretty good.

I can’t find the Bicep thread but this live stream is amazing. Absolutely slaps.

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Reminds me of Snivilisation era in places. It’s by one of the lads from Teeth of the Sea.

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