Rolling techno/house/electronic/dance/whatever 2023

A fun little new EP from Sigha - a bit different to his usual techno stuff, The Slip (redux) is particularly good:

New Aïsha Devi record coming in November. Immortelle, the first track off it, is very satisfyingly bassy and brooding - a nice continuation of what she was doing on DNA Feelings and S.L.F.

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the great thing with this is there’s an airhorn going off for the basketball which is hilarious

very enjoyable 4 hours that was

Techno banger :boom: :boom:

Hor have re-uploaded all the videos from Dekmantel - some really fun sets in here and the stage set up looks absolutely amazing:


Get nostalgic with Joy Orb opening up the vaults


Anyone going out in London Saturday? Need a dance but all my regular dancing pals are away. Wondered if anyone was out. Cheers!

Anyone get a Bangface ticket this year? Had a crew willing to go for the first time but the sale was a shambles

@suapth you back in for FM?

The hotels are atill available I think?

Fantastic ep. Ffo, Jon Hopkins, Max Cooper.

Very likely - especially if it’s the last in the current format/size! Annoyingly have a wedding on the Friday but got in on a group ticket so Sat-Sun looking good. Presuming you are?

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