Rolling Thread for American Roots Music discussion and recommendation

Hi Music board.

I really really like a lot of American music from the period roughly 1920-1960, and also modern bands who are influenced by it or carry on its traditions.

So early jazz, folk and blues, old-time Appalachian music, country gospel, zydeco, bluegrass. Loads of other things you might list here but I think you’ll get the picture.

Anyone into this too?

really dig this kind of stuff, especially Appalachian songs. Heard this? It’s sinister and great.

nice. not heard of them before. opening reminded me of this by the Foghorn Stringband. Not sure where it comes from originally

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oh actually my mate plays this one a lot.

Got any recommendations of your own mr smee?

mate. too many. i shall start now.

Foghorn String Band - one of the best old time string bands out there at the moment, especially if you’re into people staying 100% faithful to the original source material.

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I’ve seen a documentary called the King of Record Collectors about a dude who collects pre-war 78s. A bit of an individual character, you can tell he loves the music though, covers pretty much anything you mentioned. Nice to see an original Robert Johson shellac record, they must all be worth thousands.

I have been listening to a 3-CD set called the First Rock N Roll Record. Goes right back to the start of recorded music really, cataloguing early blues and R&B - anything that can be tied to rock n roll as we know it now. All originals, some amazing stuff on there. Pretty much stops with Bill Haley / Elvis / Carl Perkins.

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lively and chugging but it’s still got those sad keening fiddle and voice bits, good stuff. Don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of music live, bar solo folk performers. Must be fun.

Good group where Guthrie and Seeger teamed up.

Has anyone read Bound For Glory? One of the best music autobiographies out there, sort of Steinbecky as you’d imagine but that’s a good thing

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lonesome a cappella song

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Hi. You should, there’s a surprising amount of it if you know where to look. Where d’ya live?

Is this it? Will give it a watch later, n1

Alice Gerrard <3

@Ruffers not heard of this geez before cheers

Here’s me and some dudes doing a bluegrass version of Johnny Cash’s Country Boy

Really enjoyed this from the Corn Potato String Band. Great guys, toured the UK and Ireland this summer

Get some Roscoe Holcomb down yer neck.

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king cooder

People still aren’t entirely sure what instrument this guy was using.