Rolling thread for cataloguing when you see someone wearing a slogan t-shirt

Along the lines of ‘if found please return to the pub’

Not seen any today mind

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“Lazy and drunk is no way to live, but at least I fit in”

About 25 minutes ago while walking dog past local pub.


Old biddy on a tour of Mayfield Park last week with laods of Tories

“Tories are liars babs”



Cracking start

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The man

The legend


Was going to use this exact example in the OP

I was in White Rose the other week and theres a whole stall dedicated to these, going to have to have a look.

The one I remember was ‘I’m not fat, I’m just easier to see’

My brother had this when he was 12. We let him wear it because a scrawny pubescent kid wearing it is objectively funny.


My top 3 favourite legends:

The odyssey
Pubeless scrote

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My mate’ got off his mum for his 18th birthday a tshirt saying ‘it took 18 years to look this cool’. Don’t think it was ironically bought


Personal fav was a guy who used to hang out ‘helping’ in the local supermarket who had a t-shirt that on the front said “Sex Olympics ‘94” and on the back “Gold Medal - Your Mum”.


I swear I see the same guy with this same T shirt on in the Sainsbury’s checkout queue every week



its not a beer belly, its a fuel tank for a sex machine


Guy in local pub has this! Will pop down and check tonight. STAY TUNED

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Just saw a man who looked a bit like Bill Decker off Reeves and Mortimer wearing a T-shirt saying, “It only happened because I was unsupervised”

Sometimes when I’m cleaning I borrow one of my boyfriend’s old t shirts that says ‘snakes are just faces with tails’

Was really concerned the first time I read the beginning of this post

Oh @AutumnBeech noticed it too

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Been considering buying this to wear around town when the cunts have their conference here in a few weeks

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