Rolling Thread For Complaining About The Heat 🔥

It’s midnight and my phone says its 23 degrees. Come on now! Let me sleep. Feel free to moan in this thread.

ROSCOE: I’m hot

MARLON: bit full of yourself, pal

ROSCOE: oh har har

MARLON: I am a funny man




MARLON: too hot to think of a proper story innit

ROSCOE: yeah


Can’t remember the last time I felt cold

Genuinely looking forward to going to work tomorrow to sit in the air con, awful stuff

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I just got excited about air con and then remembered my office is a sweat box :slightly_frowning_face:

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my office doesn’t have aircon but i sit beside a load of windows. laaaavely.

it’s warm. too warm.

wish everyone would stop claiming that England getting the to semi final and the weather being hot are both equally brilliant things

this weather is fucking shit

went to a wedding on saturday, got an uber there costing me £17 rather than getting the tube - possibly the best money i’ve spent this decade

same. weather’s lovely though.




The heat is making me watch YouTube videos of someone ordering and opening pallets of amazon returns.


Inspired by @elthamsmateowen I am looking on amazon for air conditioning units

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im gonna shave my head

the heat can be bad but sunshine can be good

It’s ONLY 20 degrees here tonight!! Still leaving the fan on though.

Shut up you centrist cop!



Freezing here, thinking about putting my big jacket on at work.
Spending my evenings at home with the ol’ slippers on, under the duvet. I hate the heat though, so I don’t think I’m envying my northern brethren.

It is largely A Good Thing.

Bit of a nuisance for trying to sleep in though. Reckon I’m gonna sleep for about 18 hours when we eventually have a nice cool night.


Are your neighbours horses?

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Absolutely hating this. I mean, nice to have nice weather, but I’d prefer it if it was 17°c and sunny, not 29°c.

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