Rolling Thread For Complaining About The Heat 🔥

Nah, please see my flip flop thread for high comfort (ignore all that Havaianas stuff). Never stumble or owt either.

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Shorts at work:

  • Above the knee
  • Below the knee
  • Hotpants m8

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Ew. Fresh air is life.

I’d have my windows open all year long tbh.


I have read stuff recently that said if you want to keep you house cool, keep the windows shut during the day when the sun’s shining but fuck that I just cannot.

My aunt (who lives in Norway) has hers open all year round and in winter my Uncle has to wear a woolly hat to bed. To be fair, he left her for a while but did go back.

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No vote no voice

He went back for those clear sinuses and non musty house!

It looks a bit chilly out at the moment.

Yup. We have vents in our windows, which help to prevent it getting too hot as well as keeping the air fresh, but our house is now so well insulated that we’ve not needed to open any windows to cool it down.

Plus it stops the sounds from the dungeon leaking out.




I thought most window have vents?

We have vents but theres a thing called THE SUN that comes through GLASS and makes things HOT
(and musty)


Christ, my legs are sweaty.

I’ve been enjoying it, but we live on the coast which has a nice breeze, we live in a draughty old house which never gets hot, my office has good aircon, and I don’t have to take an underground train to work. I do not think I could cope if I was still living in London.

Basic common sense, innit. If it’s hotter outside your house than inside and you’d like it to stay that way, don’t open them fackin’ window slags.

yes but fresh air

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You mean balls, right?

Currently an 8 degree difference

Enjoy literally evaporating in London.