Rolling Thread For Complaining About The Heat 🔥


As if you incorrect opinioners wouldn’t kick off if you got woken up by random workmen stomping about on your roof. AS IF.


has this thread made you more / less likely to open the windows? do you think you could make it all the way through the year without opening them?


Ah i dunno thats not my problem tbh


This is, quite literally, the Tory option.


I have had this recently and other than being worried they might die (they were doing some parkour shit), I didn’t really mind


It was in the manifesto and everything.


All this talk of heat got me worried about my upcoming travels and how hot it would be. Used a travel weather website to look at averages for each month and I’m now thinking it might be a lot cooler that I though. Either that or the website is rubbish.


(no need to check)


Taps oan in China and San Fran, rest is fine.


It depends. We opened them a few times last year when it was 30+ degrees. If that happens again, or if we’re lazing around the house during the weekend, we’ll probably open them.


As if I’d put a top on for 13 degrees


Will there be a ceremony beforehand?


please report back if this happens


Lol NY in August - you’ll be lucky if its 24.

It was about 34 when I was there last August.


We keep the keys in a special locked cabinet, and have to turn them in pairs, simultaneously, like a bad 1980s nuclear weapon thriller.


That’s what I thought




It’s really humid as well.


Don’t forget humidity


Vegas was about late 20s early 30s in late October. Very dry but can get cold at night (i’d heard…I wasn’t cold though)
San Fran is about right but we had a lucky weekend we were there (early October) so it was 28ish but that’s rare. It’s normally foggy.