Rolling Thread For Complaining About The Heat 🔥


Yeah, a lot of ours are original and just won’t do this anymore. My bedroom one does though, thankfully!


The bins get a lot smellier a lot quicker don’t they though?

I very much like it apart from that


Forecast here says 28° for Sunday and Monday :tired_face:


It was so hot last night that we were going to open the windows (!) but then we couldn’t because of the fire on Wanstead Flats.

When will people learn to stop having barbecues and to clear up their glass bottles?


Heat everywhere. Thirsting, leaking fluids, slight headache. Thank god I’m off to italy tomorrow.


It’s 16 degrees here, earlier I saw people out walking in what I’d call a winter jacket.

Bit of a shock after 2 months of 30 degree heat.


My neighbour just left to get married in full morning suit.


The Beeb tweeted about potential 35 degree heat next week in the south east… I will actually die. Being fat in hot weather is the most horrendous thing.


being hot in fat weather is painful too : (




Just tip over the jacuzzi


but then i won’t be in the jacuzzi


lads what the fuck it’s 26 degrees ALREADY


Never been so glad to be back in cold Glasgow

Although I’m going to this in two weeks :slightly_frowning_face: (those minimum nighttime temps :open_mouth:)


The humidity in New York is ridiculous


Oh great :neutral_face:


Fine though innit. Everyone just sweats loads and nowhere has dress codes


I’m very intolerant to heat and it makes me unhappy


It’s too hot


The subways have air conditioning on the trains, which is nice, but that makes the stations like a furnace when you step off.