Rolling Thread For Complaining About The Heat 🔥


yes but fresh air


You mean balls, right?


Currently an 8 degree difference


Enjoy literally evaporating in London.




Yes, I think we are cooler this week. Week before last we were a bit hotter than darn sarf. Still didnae complain though. TAPS AFF.


Yeah, but lower legs as well. It’s unsettling.


Not all do. Old ones don’t, and the requirement to include them in new builds was taken out of the regs about a decade ago.

Our windows have a very low u-value. That means that the room doesn’t get particularly hot when the sun falls onto the glass. That, combined with the beefed up insulation we put in the walls and the roof, and under the floors, means that our house is significantly cooler and fresher than outside in the summer.


I think we all know what a u-value is, thanks.


Ok if you’re not complaining, get out the thread


what’s everyone having for their dinner / tea in the heat?


Can’t believe he didn’t type ‘μ-value’



Why would I type that?


Same thing I have every Monday night, Pinky: Cajun chicken burger, no cheese.

if today’s salad is good I’ll have that instead


If you are born into a country that is very hot, I always presumed you just acclimatised to it and it became the norm, so walking about in 35oc is fine. But my mate Dave from Kenya fucking hates the heat, and even in these notthathot heats in UK hates it, so I dunno. Are there loads of people living in hot countries pining for the better life abroad in Norway?

  • Everyone is different
  • You get used to it, Dave is an oddity
  • There are many dreaming of the colder life abroad
  • Depends on a multitude of factors that voting in a poll cannot account for

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My little USB fan has given up the goat so now I need to hunt one down. Obvs none in Argos or Wilkos- where else should I try? Rymans?! Ahhh sweaty sweat sweat


Was the goat on a treadmill powering it or…


that is fucking incredible :smiley:

honestly people, I recommend becoming friends with andyvine’s gf just so you can fully appreciate this scene


I don’t know :frowning: it’s too warm to think