Rolling Thread For Complaining About The Heat 🔥


^that was me last week, srsly


We went to Lisbon in April and it was nice sunny jacket weather. A few people that lived there were like “fucking hell it’s freezing”


That’s better :grin:


I’m sorry but I’m really not buying it.

You’ve definitely opened your windows this year. What about in your bathroom?


kitchen must smell great with those big ass vents wide open


Check yr shorts at work privilege


Nope. We have extractor fans in the bathrooms and don’t shut the doors when we’re showing in there anyway.


Oh mould central!
You’ve still got to air that shit out.


We have an extractor fan in the kitchen and three big windows - that’s more than enough to get a decent air change per hour rate in there.


windows that remain closed :confused:


Nope, it’s fine. No mould at all in there. I went through all the calcs and everything when we did the works to the house.


What about a stinky poo though Marckee?
I don’t trust people that don’t open windows in their bathroom.
There’s no way thats going out of the extractor fan!


Windows that have trickle vents above them, providing about 6 air changes per hour to the room.


Yeah when I lived in Porto I started going to the beach when it hit 18 degrees in March and the other girls in my office were still shivering in their black skinny jeans and boots until May

I asked them how warm it had to get before they’d say it was warm and they said “when the heat prickles you through your jeans”


I’ve got a minor extractor fan rant if you’re interested.


Never really been an issue. I guess we just smell less than you do.


think how much air would change per hour if you opened the window… :exploding_head:


Go ahead.


Your shit smells too Marckee. I’m very sure of it.