Rolling thread for documenting the different colours received in your confectionary items

20/04/2018 - Standard pack of wine gums:
1x Orange
2x Yellow
2x Green
3x Black
4x Red

Overall rating: 7/10

i would love for an explanation of how you arrived at that rating, tone, i really would


I like the reds and the blacks most and the yellows and oranges least, the amount of reds and blacks is more than double the amount of oranges and yellows so it is a positive rating, however I have had better ratios than this before so it didn’t make the upper-echelons of packs of wine gums.

hula hoops - 100% yellow


please describe to me the optimum number of each colour, for which you would award a perfect 9/10 (nothing deserves a 10, lets be totally honest with ourselves here, nothing)

This thread has unfortunately arrived just after I finished a packet of skittles.

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12 gums in a tube (?) a 9/10 pack would be six reds and six blacks.




I had some skittles yesterday but didn’t document, for the sake of discussion though the order that I eat them is as follows:

Oranges first then yellows, then greens, then purples then reds.

I had some Smarties the other week and they were a lot paler than I remembered. I guess this has to do with a change to natural food colouring. This is all I have to contribute. Hope it’s of some use.

yellows and greens are almost always my favourite flavours of all sweets, please send them to me if you do not like them. will trade for reds and blacks (and oranges but let’s be real, nobody likes the oranges)

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I think a flavour exchange programme would be a good and valuable project.


Starting with the crap ones first and building up to the best ones, right? Delayed gratification, the only way to go.

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Of course. I have been conditioned from a very young age to eat the individual elements of whatever I’m consuming in the order of least favourite to most favourite.


would you swap your greens and yellows for more of them?

Packet of Skittles (51 in total)

Purple - 13 (25.5%)
Orange - 9 (17.6%)
Yellow - 9 (17.6%)
Green - 13 (25.5%)
Red - 7 (13.7%)

In pie chart format:



Superb effort, thank you very much.

(Decent ratio as well IMO, not amazing but decent)


Due to the vegetiainisation of M&S’s sweets (not just the pigs/snakes etc) I had american hardgums the other day for the first time in quite literally milenia. They were ok. Colours, not sure. Or dshould I say ‘colors’!!!

Then what the fuck was the point of that post then?

Look at me, I’m thewarn!