Rolling thread for documenting the different colours received in your confectionary items

What an unusual response!

It’s a different colour?

So it is!

25/05/2018 - Standard pack of Skittles:

6x Yellow
7x Green
9x Red
11x Purple
18x Orange (wtf!?)

Overall rating: 4/10

Got a multipack of something that was meant to contain two different flavours, but they were all just one flavour :upside_down_face:

Any more specifics at all here?

Organix Mini Oaty Bites, pack of ???*:
100% raspberry & apple
0% apple & orange

*can’t remember how many were in the complete pack, around 16-20 I’d guess.

Hmm, seems like you got the better of it based on the available flavours at least…

Perhaps, on principle though a very annoying disparity so I’d rate the pack 3/10.

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You’ve given it a generous rating that is a testament to your character.

Thank you for your contribution to the thread despite your disappointment.

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Excuse me but you can only buy red and black only packets in bags, NOT in standard tubes so shove it up your bollocks, mate.

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Excellent use of the phrase “shove it up your bollocks” here.

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It’s an homage combination of both Ireland being in the news and the World Cup being soon.

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I admire the decadence of your lifestyle if you will enjoy a multipack of wine guns as a workday lunchtime snack.

that’s impossible!

Yeah, what I did was, have a non-workday snack of wine gums, counted the colours, logged them somewhere and then chose to start a thread about it on a workday lunchtime. Jesus…

It’s nice to dream though eh…

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Also, look at this pack I had on May 16th 2014!!!

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oooooO! so close

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(green is my third favourite so this was a 8.9/10 pack)