Rolling thread for documenting when you think about something you haven’t thought about for quite a long time



i just thought about the big bang theory (the lame sitcom, not the scientific theory) for the first time in ages. is it still a thing? i feel like you don’t hear about it as much as you used to, or is that just me?

what have you just thought about that you hadn’t thought about for a while? (maybe keep it reasonably light, yeah?)


Still a thing I’m afraid, it even has a spin-off now.


i said keep it light ffs!


Spin off is good




please don’t do this, you guys. i don’t want to have accidentally created the ‘rolling big bang theory and associated spin offs’ thread.



My favorite is Sheldon


I love the way he treats everyone like shit and for some reason everybody tolerates it because he likes comics and is therefore socially awkward.


Don’t want to step on the toes of the PINSPETS (Pretend I’ve Never Seen Popular Everyday Things Society), but i’ve honestly never caught a second of a Big Bang Theory episode.


Strong acronym


Last night the word tartiflette popped into my head, I’d been trying to remember what it was called about 4 months ago and obviously my brain has secretly been searching the memory vaults.

So tartiflette for me, Clive.


Don’t even know why that sentence came out in broken English


Thought about this yesterday in an idle moment driving back from Leeds:



Remembered when there was a TV programme which used to be on after Saved by the Bell (maybe…California Dreams?) and one of the main characters got hypnotised so he could quit smoking and every time he tried to say cigarette he said migaresh.


the ex Portsmouth defender Petri Pasanen


It’s weird how the spin off is basically a completely different character, in bbt sheldon is a grown man who acts like a child, in young sheldon he is a child who acts like an old man


Justin Lee Collins.

I would now like to apologise for reminding everyone about Justin Lee Collins.


sounds good!


It is, probably better than the main show if you can believe it