Rolling thread for ITV's The Chase

The Governess lost by 11 last night!

Ten push-backs, eight executed! Unbelievable stuff! I hope she’s ok…

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Big fan of The Chase me. Decent quizzing.


Can’t ever forgive Bradley Walsh for destroying the Wheel of Fortune franchise for good!

Although Paul Sinha is very funny when he isn’t on The Chase and I like The Dark Destroyer too.

This is a positivity thread.

Please take any further Bradders discussion here:

Just going to come out and Say it Ant, I’ve been keeping it bottled up for a long time.

The chase is a very average quiz show concept and Bradley Walsh is shit

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(Also you like Only fucking Connect and Victoria fucking Coren-Mitchell so you can shove your smug bullshit up your bollocks and get the fuck out of my everyman’s thread)

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Saw some Chase last night, what I like about it is the pacing, nice and snappy, just the right amount of banter. Not like Pointless, which takes fucking hours.

Now, Tipping Point, that’s something we have to discuss.


Only Connect is a very good idea as it tests more than just factual recall, I’m a fan of the lateral thinking elements and various red herrings in the clues.

You’re a fucking smug prick mate that’s what you are


New thread please.


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This is doing some real damage to your new brand and it will come up in your review. Also you’d probably be happier if all TV quiz shows were presented by men wouldn’t you, you massive, massive bigot

It’s all light-hearted mate, massively overreacting to very unimportant differences of opinion is all part of the schtick innit.

(I would very much like to see more female TV quiz show presenters just not extremely unfunny, smug, aloof ones)

Victoria Coren-Mitchell’s good

I respectfully disagree.

This is a positivity thread?

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saw one the other day (repeat on Challenge) where all the contestants got it wrong!

Darragh getting stitched up here.

Two contestants taking money losing offers, the other contributing £300.

Is that the one with that fucking rubber faced git presenting?

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