Rolling thread for ITV's The Chase


Bloody hell, Darragh did well not to throttle them all, particularly the blonde lady who was just inexplicably selfishly moronic with her choice.


Imagine being that good, single-handedly setting a 23 target, then 8 push-backs… and leaving with fifteen hundred quid


Classic ep! Great bumping guys, exactly what this thread was designed for!



sorry to bring negativity to the thread ant, but

great episode though, can’t wait to discuss it with my gran!


Darragh’s been on Twitter defending his teammates against the backlash, he’s a better man than me.


He’s a mug


I love only connect. It’s possibly my favourite show.

But as much as I also love Victoria Coren-Mitchell, there is something unerving about there being no audience to slightly chuckle at her jokes. It just makes me feel weird.


Please take all Only Connect chat to it’s own smug thread please, if it doesn’t already have one please smugly create one.


But there is no audience in The Chase studio either so they add a laughter / applause track. What’s weirder??


I pulled it back round to a discussion about The Chase though Ant :innocent:


great connection!


You’re a fucking diamond mate :thumbsup:


thx bbz <3


One of my friends (great pub-quizzer, 3-time Countdown winner) applied to go on The Chase. Instead of hearing back from the production company about that, they’ve asked if he wants to go on Ninja Warrior UK or The Voice, instead.





Only saw the governess in saimsbos tonight didnt I !


No way! What was she buying?


A trolleys worth of stuff, including washing machine capsules