Rolling thread for keeping on top of styles/trends in fashion in 2020

Apparently conjunctivitis is making a comeback in womens fashion this year, so expect girls to be ditching makeup for inflammation around the eyes.

Men? Long socks. The longer the better.

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This kind of thing. Extra fashion points for combining it with an air horn

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Hand shoes for keeping your hands warm in the cold


Knee pads are on the way, my friend’s son (3 years old) has them on his pants and he looks extremely stylish so it’s only a matter of time until everybody else is at it too.

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I’m trying to set a trend for orthopaedic boots.



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The colour red. Just bought some red trainers.

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Those checkered trousers that chefs wear.
Welding masks



what’s the latest on gilets?


Still the best a man can get


i tend to go to the wood green branch

Reckon strutting around like you’re some kind of big-shot high-roller will be in this year

Here you go boys- can’t wait to see some of you rocking these pieces

Reading this

Neon - YES, already in my wardrobe
Short suits - not for me, clive
Willowy white dresses - fuck yeah
Waistcoats - no ta
Cut outs - welcome back, I’ve missed you
Trench coats - literally never not in fashion
Denim - meh
Tropical prints - Can’t get enough of this stuff tbqh
Sheer fabrics - yes
Shirts - ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Raffia/hemp fabrics - nah man, I don’t want to rustle like a corn dolly
70’s - hasn’t this been a thing for years already?