Rolling thread for posting songs relevant to your life today


So my day started with trying to get rid of a red mite infestation in the chicken coop. Hence:

No mugwumps were harmed in the posting of this thread.




It’s very good of FNM to write such a good tune about such a miserable subject.



Hoping for anything in particular, or would you rather not say?



Coffee. Have some coffee.



Beer. Have a beer.


I feel alright


Please don’t tempt me. I’m trying to have some time off the booze


Sorry. Do some cathartic exercise.


Just been an intense year FC with few things piling up and not sure how well I’m coping. Details of the main stressor in the flu thread, but holding on to hope that things improve and always find this song cathartic when feeling a bit low.

Sorry, don’t mean to throw what should be a fun thread off course.



get well soon! :slightly_smiling_face:



Ah no worries, hadn’t been following the flu thread but I see where you’re at. If you’re anything like me, music always really helps as a distraction, even if it doesn’t solve the problem. Best of luck and perhaps try and take each day as it comes. I have been / still am a dreadful worrier and it’s all about thinking too far ahead. If it’s outside your control there’s a limit to what you can do and it’s good to try and find displacement activities.

PS The thread was always going to be a mix of stuff, I guess it’s a social thread for the music board, or something.