ROLLING thread for posting when your hot drink has gone cold

Please post in here when you have a hot drink and have forgotten about it and some or all of it has gone cold

Also good to know if you made yourself another, drank it cold or just threw it away



about half a cup went cold

just drank it

  • Discard
  • Drink anyway
  • Reheat
  • Other

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I can’t afford to waste milk in Brexit Britain

Sometimes make myself a hot water. Delicious hot or cold.

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reheat if there’s no milk

drink a bit anyway if there is milk then discard

not sure why but I’ve decided reheating milk is bad

All warm milk has been reheated as pasteurisation heats the milk to 71.7c.

This is probably the coolest post anyone will read this month.


Actually it’s quite a warm post!

I drink it straight from the udder

That’s why I always recommend analogue milk.