Rolling* thread for when something falls out of your fridge

* no pun intended

  • date: today
  • item: small tub of supermarket hummus
  • mess rating: 2/10. A bit of a splodge on the floor and on my trousers but otherwise fine.

One from a few days ago:

  • date: Tuesday 25th April (I think)
  • item: large tub of supermarket coleslaw
  • mess rating: 8/10. Went fucking everywhere.

have you built your fridge on a slope


You need to tidy your fridge pal, you can’t just keep starting threads at the problem.


No, it’s just that between the rabbit food and jars of condiments there’s not much room for what we actually eat.

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The foolish man built his fridge upon a slope
The foolish man built his fridge upon a slope
The foolish man built his fridge upon a slope
And the hummus came tumbling down

Is it possible to backdate an entry or must it be from this date onwards?

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Happy for you to backdate an entry

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Are you happy for me to backdate an entry?

you too.

All of you.

  • date: not sure, roughly two weeks ago
  • item: container of blueberries
  • mess rating: 1/10. None of them burst so I thoroughly rinsed and put them back in the fridge.
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well i feel like an absolute plum now because something fell out of my fridge this afternoon :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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Respect the format! What fell, and what was the mess rating?

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  • date: sometime in January
  • item: can of coke zero
  • mess rating: 10/10. Exploded and quite literally sprayed every surface of the kitchen inc ceiling. Has permanently faded the paint on one wall.

Impressive / terrible.

Something like that once happened to me - I was making bread using a breadmaker, and the handle of the tin (or whatever you call it) broke. Flour, water, butter everywhere. I had to replace our blinds in the end.

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  • date: last weekend
  • item: sriracha bottle
  • mess rating: 1/10 a small smear. More interesting was the reason: it was too far away from the fulcrum to withstand an aggressive opening of the door and was a victim of its own inertia
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Date: This morning
Item: A single crumpet
Mess rating: 0/10. It just bounced and rolled slightly before coming to a stop by my foot

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No idea what a crumpet was doing in the fridge but I’m glad there was no mess.

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Roughly 20/06/2015:

Jar of beetroot

Mess level: traumatic

Its nearly gone off so it was in there to try and arrest the mould growth

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This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately - refuse to believe crumpets go off