Rolling thread for when the Brits are at it again

would it be safe to say that the brits are continuing to be at it? not really been around brits in a while:

  • maintaining a steady course of at it
  • escalating at it
  • decreasing levels of at it

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“Two things are infinite: the universe and the Brits being at it; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

-Albert Einstein


Maintaining a steady course unti June 21st when the atting will peak.


The atting will never peak. There is no release. No end. Just atting upon atting upon atting.

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Metro are extremely at it



What’s new.


I think the at-ing has reduced (over my 60 years) its just that the at-ing is more nostalgic and less fully believed now ( by a reduced %age of population) so to make up for it they chant more fervantly, to make up for the lack of substance, before it was more of an accepted norm, now its done by ‘believers’ they are a bit fanatic (most in a middle class meh! way…their strength lies in the fact that they seem to have the tories in charge, probably because most people are easily misled by bullshit, etc etc …something about sheeple

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Oh right, I did wonder why ‘bad old days are back’ was particularly ‘at it’.

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Yeah I worked it out once I saw the swapped headline.

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When I was like…let’s say 9 :no_mouth:, I used to get confused with this because I thought the loyalists were ‘loyal’ to Ireland.


not yet they’re not

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It’s a bit mad seeing one of my friends pop up in this thread :open_mouth:

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Didn’t know you and @harru were mates!

I was talking about Swimmers Jackson. :slight_smile:

I was making a glib pointless joke in a somewhat serious context, and immediately regretted my post :slight_smile:


i made this mistake yesterday tbh for exactly the reasons 9 year old @harru said. Also on different days my brain manages to convince me that unionists are either A) pro-UK, or B) pro-united Ireland

luckily when I’m being this stupid I’m just chatting shit in the kitchen rather than, yknow, posting my uninformed views for the world to see (DiS doesn’t count)