Rolling thread for when the Brits are at it again


The XXXs on the side make it look like an elaborate promo tool for a lapdancing club.


ffs its an air superiority aircraft capable of performing multiple roles in the modern theatre, mate.

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Next season it’s playing Hamlet at the Old Vic ahahahahah



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A driverless bus that looks like it’ll shred anything that gets in its path and can only carry 10 people.

You will notice it has wing mirrors and a cab door too, because - wait for it - it still has a driver.

It’s like rainy facist island’s answer to hyperloop, isn’t it - just a shit version of something that already exists because… waves hands technology!

Not to mention that it’s not even mimicking a good thing to begin with

Absolutely pitiful.

This is how you do a military reveal.

We really are an embarrassing little country

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would eat, tbf


Yeah, if it’s accomplished well, that sounds mega

always thinking “what this pizza really needs is a gravy base”


thought this was the elon musk thread for a minute there and thought hmm, it’s a change of approach for him but i respect it

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It would have LEDs or play La Cucaracha if it was an Elon Pizza

It would also just be cheese and tomato but with those features


Elon Mess

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Yeah - that’s by far the biggest obstacle for me; cheese and gravy should never be combined except on Philly cheesesteak and maybe poutine.

When you were a nipper did you have for lunch:

  • Cheese and Marmite sandwiches
  • Cheese and Bovril sandwiches
  • Still do with both of the above
  • I’m not a monster, you know

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Is cheese and marmite “at it”? I had a cheese and marmite sandwich for lunch today!

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Not really. I can imagine Australians loving cheese and yeast extract (Vegemite, strictly speaking) too.