Rolling thread for when the Brits are at it again

fucking dickhead Lineker isn’t he

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Someone says he’s referring to when Walkers and Tayto had a competition to determine who had the best potatoes or something years ago

if that’s true it’d probably be worth him tweeting a clarification, as the initial tweet reads incredibly badly


I agree

It seems to be deleted now but he’s not addressed it.

Nicknamed “Ferrari”, in 1979, Nowak signed for Bolton Wanderers in the English top flight, with the club paying Legia Warsaw 50,000 pounds and 3 tractors.



What is happening:

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I’m off with the lad on Friday might go and start signing The Internationale in St Peter’s Square with him.


A few hours ago I’d have said the people crafting and believing this kind of stuff were in the minority or on the right,
But then someone on here told me that individuals can’t have a Scottish nationality and must instead be considered British so like fucking nothing surprises me anymore.

How does that work for things like the Scottish football team though? Surely you can’t just rock up if you have no connection to the country so there must be an actual Scottish nationality somewhere?

Nah. I’d have thought that, as a Brit abroad, you’d be fully aware that focusing on nationality as the only way to determine eligibility is a somewhat narrow way to look at things. Whether it be for football, or anything else.

Not quite sure where the patronising tone is coming from here. Do I post a lot in sports threads about this sort of thing? :thinking:

Never even crossed my mind this sort of stuff came from sports bodies TBH. People at school and uni would talk about their eligibility to play for particular teams (jokingly as in they obviously weren’t world class level) and it always seemed to be down to some rules about fathers and the like.

I’m not saying these rules make sense, I’m just saying that as an outside observer it seemed like certain good footballers who are British were not able to play for England because they were Welsh or Scottish so I presumed there was in fact some aspect of nationhood somewhere on a legal basis.

Sorry if it came across as patronising. Was just trying to cut to the chase with other things going on around me.

Do I post a lot in sports threads about this sort of thing? I do not. You don’t need to be a die-hard sports fan to know that there’s waaay more flexibility to this sort of thing than a “nationality”. E.g. ubiquitous commentary about the Republic of Ireland squad in the 90s and long lost granddads.

Have I posted “there must be an actual [X] nationality somewhere” in a Brits At It thread? I have not. But if I had, I probably wouldn’t be surprised if someone pulled me up on it abruptly.

It’s the Scotland angle a factor in my posting? Yep. Because what’s just occurred is that presumptions have been made about nationality, and eligibility, with regard to Scotland. By an English guy. And you should know full well that this is almost indistinguishable from the interminable Scottish passport red herring chat that regularly (and usually disingenuously) gets trotted out as part of the conversation around independence.

If you don’t want to be a Brit At It in a Brits At It thread, I’d suggest approaching these sorts of things with a little more subtlety and self-awareness.

Organisation setup by former police officer. All makes sense now.

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What the actual fuck are you talking about lol


He should take it to the Rolling thread for when the Scots are at it again.


Is this in blue ?! Or are are my eyes completely screwed?

As blue as a Tory passport m9!


There are just so many contradictions at work here. On the one hand, anything woke is bad. On the other, tolerance and diversity are what makes Britain GREAT! Now, what better way to promote such values than with a campaign that co-opts/echoes the language of fascism!?


I think you read a fuck load of something else into my post which was QUITE CLEARLY in reply to a QUITE SPECIFIC comment.