Rolling thread for when you've gone to work and forgotten something (e.g. item of clothing, lunch, ID badge)

I forgot to put a belt on this morning. I look like a right scruff.

Surprised they let you in the building

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this morning i left my gloves in the underground carpark where i keep my bike. got nearly all the way to where i work, a 5 minute walk away before realising. had to go all the way back :woman_facepalming:

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Almost forgot my lunch and phone charger but remembered just after I went out of the gate.

Forgot to go to work today

Still forgotten my lunch today.

Made a tuna salad. Had the same thing yesterday and it was divine.

Feeling a little saddened. Will have to see what they’ve got on the sandwich bar downstairs.

Not since yesterday! Monday morning

Last week I was away all week with work. Forgot the part of the charger that goes into the socket. So all my charging had to be done through my laptop (including charging my portable charger). what a ball ache.

Alright Jazzy No-pants.

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Left my glasses at home the other week, so went back to get them and then worked from home for the rest of the day. I live 10 minutes away from my office.

Forgotten my lunch two days in a row. It’s a chicken salad I made on Sunday night. Still ok to eat?

Yeah I reckon so.

RIP @eltham

I have also forgotten to put a belt on. :frowning:

Sometimes I put a belt on, sometimes I don’t. Depends on my mood really. Recently altered a pair of cheap uniqlo trousers to accept button braces and am enjoying the feel and look. Displays of braces are vulgar though so I’ve had to keep my jacket on at all times