Rolling thread for when you've got some ingredients you need to get rid of and want people to tell you what to make

Got some chicken, cambozola, and some peppers. Going away for the weekend tomorrow and none of it will keep. I pass a tesco (express) on my way home so can buy additional ingredients.

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I reckon have some chicken and peppers with made up stuff for afters tbh

Where are you going?

Cheese board it is.

I’m going to the WV-HEDW football tournoi in Amsterdam. I’ll obviously miss the #LADS dearly, but The Byron House FC will try to do you all proud

Cheesy pepper chicken.

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Please have a fun, safe and successful time.


thanks, Ant. Any ideas on the cambozola/chicken/pepper recipe front

coat the chicken in egg then flour with salt, pepper, smoked paprika and garlic powder mixed in and then deep fry it, make a wee salsa to go with it from the peppers and a blue cheese dipping sauce

This sounds very good but I accidentally water damaged my frier in march and haven’t yet replaced it. Might do an oven-cooked version if that’s ok, maybe get some sweet potato on the side, to boot

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I would have pasta. Penne or fusilli, one of them.

Cut the chicken and peppers into strips, fry them. Cook the pasta, add it to the chicken and peppers. Cut the cheese into cubes and stir it through the pasta just before serving. Maybe add some peas as well. Peas make everything better.

get some Jus-roll and bang it all on top with some erbs for a pleasing tart

Buy a baguette; fry everything except the baguette then put all the fried stuff in the baguette.

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I have this dream of one day having the time to put every ingredient from every one of our good cookery books into a DB so that I can reverse search based on the ingredients we have to hand.


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Martin Luther King’s first draft wasn’t quite as inspiring


Too busy weighing water?

Roast the chicken. Roast peppers for 5 to 10 mins then fry them (you can throw in a onion here, shallots work particularly well) during the frying process make a little hole in the centre of the pan putting brown sugar in. Wait for 5 secs then pour some vinger on (ideal cyder, white wine/sherry, or cheap balsamic vinger). Then simmer until soft. Throw a few capers or olives in if you have got them. This should leave you with a sharp gently carmalised onions and peppers. Then serve with the chicken and rice/potatoes