Rolling Thread for when you've used up your likes for the day to let everyone know you're not being rude

Swear I’d made this before but I can’t find it.

Anyway, I’ve (inexplicably) nearly used up all my likes today so just to let you all know that I’m not being rude.

When you run out you should reply with ‘^like’

Yeah, that’ll show the bastards! Good shout!

how many likes do you get in a day? I’ve never run out

No idea, friend.

Do you want to borrow some of mine?

how do you know you’ve nearly used them up

You get a little pre-warning dialogue box

You’re such a generous guy, Antpoc.

What I want is for you to show some God damned appreciation for once in your life.

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Likes should be like money

Like everyone starts with say 100 Likes - then every time you gain a like your “Likes Stash” is increased by one.

actually I don’t care, it’s fine how it is

Theo, can you action this please @1101010

is this really a thing?

I like loads of stuff and never run out.

Maybe I have special privileges.


Don’t worry about it

nah, was funny. Only thing I’ve ever got genuinely irked about on here is people talking about my family, but that guy is a total mess with lots of issues, so, you know…