Rolling Threads On These Boards That You Cannot Understand The Appeal Of

Every time I open this thread, which granted has a boring enough title to make me realise what will be within, I just see seas of album covers with scant replies or likes.

946 replies through and it’s rumoured that there are more to come.

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Just one.


That buying a house one. Appreciate it’s probably useful but who the fuck comes on here for useful information?

I admire your faith that this thread will become a powerhouse

Who needs words when you’ve got pictures

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I respect the work you’re going to put in here in future.

To be honest, I’m mostly relying on @Ruffers to pad it out

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I’ve found and enjoyed sharing loads of music on there, he’s just being a grumblepuss because to go in there now would be like entering the EU parliament and asking where they’re up to so far


there was an interesting chat in there a month or so ago, when bammers felt the way you do. little has changed since then, although i did label it a no chat thread. not much a fan or chat, me.

Not at all! Please enjoy yourselves, it’s just not for me!

Do you remember the reply number? That’s a lot of pictures to work through otherwise

threads where people just complain about everything, just being negative for the sake of it, boring tedious trolls who think everyone cares about their every opinion about every little thing they don’t like

To be honest you’re not the first person to comment on the lack of actual communication in the ‘most listened of the week’ thread. There are ocassional back and forths but I post in it as more of a habit now



I thought we were cool!

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Hot Drink Thread 'pocalypse, you mean?

nuff said.

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It was meant to be lighthearted, but I’m sorry if this thread has upset you, it was not my intention to be genuinely beevie

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Cycling,America sports, anything I’m not interested in. I mean it’s ok for people to like different things and for me not to like them and as an adult to recognise and be accepting of this. They’re wrong and boring idiots for it though.


regrettably i failed to bookmark that thrilling encounter.