Rolling Threads On These Boards That You Cannot Understand The Appeal Of



regrettably i failed to bookmark that thrilling encounter.


do you not enjoy the sharing of brilliant tunes, Tony?


I would look for it, but my Pentium only has 512kb of memory and it crashes when I open it


The running one too.


Nah, not at this stage of my life I don’t really.


I agree with ma0sm, just reminds me of those threads on the old boards, soul crushing


There are some that get past about 100 replies and it’s just not worth catcing up with them. Then there’s the Films What I Have Watched This Year N Stuff thread…


Also the football threads are too unwieldy these days.


just the same 4 jokes over and over again tbh
(the banter’s not the best either!!)


pretty gutted that the happy hardcore mix in the OP is no longer available tbh.


I actually preferred those because I could see the band names, but I don’t tend to look at album art all that much so now they just look like pretty collages though.

As was pointed out though, if it makes others happy, and it’s not harming anyone, maybe I should just get off and live and let live.


yeah absolutely, but it’s also totally fine to think they are boring and hard to engage with


you need to open up your heart and ears again and resist becoming like people’s dads who just listen to whoever the Kendrick Lamar of the 80s was and say, “what is this rubbish? I’ll stick to, thank you very much.”


I think I’m increasingly of the opinion that I don’t like listening to any music that I haven’t specifically chosen to listen to at that particular point in time.


I read them all tbh m8s.


the songs aren’t on autoplay you know.




zxcvbnm’s cycling thread


I quite like this thread. I don’t really post in it, but it’s not just people blithering into the void: it’s got actual music discussion. maybe that’s more off-putting.


Aye, I’m not slagging the thread off, it’s probably dead good, just doesn’t appeal to me innit.