Rolling Threads On These Boards That You Cannot Understand The Appeal Of



I had a look through and there’s actually more chat in there than I expected. People in general must be better than me at recognising album art


The entire music board. Nobody gives a shit that you, anonymous bearded white internet male, incorrectly think that the Red album is better than Pinkerton. Bore off and alphabetise your vinyls. Prick.


I like the music board. People here make a lot of jokes about it supposedly being a more aggressive board, but considering the absolute garbage I post there very rarely results in people sending me angry PMs, I think it’s a good place to post stuff about music.

Just yesterday there was a great sincere post from @Owensmaterob about Nu Metal on there and I discovered my favourite album of the year (Idles - Brutalism) on there after multiple people whose tastes often align with mine recommended it. I also recently discovered The Prep Tempel there whose back catalogue has already secured their place as my favourite Australian band (thanks again @PaintyCanNed).

I know a lot of the ire aimed at that board is in hyperbolic jest, but I do wonder why it has such a particularly bad reputation.


I find album rankings, end of year lists etc etc to be a really tedious (very male? dunno) way of talking about music/culture in general. Proper High Fidelity bollocks. Puts me off engaging with anything other than the My Vitriol thread.

I do follow the Emo Revival thread and the Heavy Music one to see what @shucks is into these days, tbf.


Years ago I used to be a prominent poster on the Football Manager forums, but mainly posted in the music threads.
Here I mainly post in the football forums.

A bit weird really.



It sounds like we have similar thoughts on the more boring threads on there, but I find the same with this board too. Some are good, most are not.

If anything, I find the My Vitriol one often gets a bit OTT with its joy in the failures of that band. The speculation on the Trail Of Dead cancellation felt overly harsh.


I totally agree. music board has really put me off talking about music in recent years. tried really hard to make good conversation on there, but :expressionless:


You should rate your favourite ways to talk about music, and put lists at the bottom. That’ll reel them in.


maybe I’ll try and gamify actually talking about music. they might go for that?


I’ve gotten good chat out of there in some threads, notably the Deerhunter and Jazz threads. Avoid a lot of things in there though.


This is true but i don’t think that music board regulars are generally like that?
cultural discussions on the social boards are much more likely to go that way imo


The daily threads really are the absolute arse end of the site. All the worst DiSers telling everyone about how they had a shit and cycled to work.


The music board always seems really friendly tbh. Great bunch of boring listicle music bastards


Actually, it’s probably just because they don’t know me yet over there


All my muted threads that have been active in the last 24hrs. I don’t see any of 'em! As soon as I know something I’m not interested is going to linger or reappear regularly, just get rid.


The beer one that’s got about ten thousand replies. I like beer.




The "I READ A BOOK/IWATCHED A FILM’ threads. Nobody cares about your tedious life, Craig.


Also kind of can’t be bothered with the ‘Terrible Things Posted on Social Media’ thread, and I created that thread. Always get a sinking disappointment when I see my notifications are people posting in that thread.