Rolling Threads On These Boards That You Cannot Understand The Appeal Of



There’s more mean-spirited-ness in this thread than in any of those mentioned. Really not a fan of people using “boring” to describe things that others are passionate about.

Can we just close this thread?


You mean like this thread?

Actually quite annoyed about it.


Yeah, I didn’t think this through.

Sorry everyone!


classic Pigfoot





hate to tell you this but my post was intended as a joke at my own expense


I know, it wasn’t a direct go at you personally


Joke or not, it did make me realise this



never liked that thread. let’s make fun of people who can’t spell as well, nah not for me clive


Yeah, there’s some vicious levels of schadenfreude in there. Sure they have been hilarious with their crowd funding, but it’s got a bit much now.


Still can’t believe you’re por properly like when one of the best characters returns to a TV show you’ve been watching forever.


Careful now, you’re causing a massive carbon footprint, what with how heavily I’m blushing right now.


So so much this for American Sports. Unless you’re an actual American, then fair enough I suppose, but why you would choose to get into American Football or whatever otherwise I have no idea.




do you know what i don’t like about rolling threads? it reminds me that i only have about four opinions, back on old dis i could get away with posting them every few months cause we’d have a new thread. now i can only post them once.


yeah, I myself recently got outed for this on a trail of rick stein comments.

I literally have nothing new to say.


shouldn’t like this comment cos I’m sure you have lots of nice opinions but that was a pretty funny moment is all


please to link


the scary thing is, I wasn’t even aware that I was repeating myself. had it in the back of my mind that i’d talked about that before, but must have thought it was in real life.



ah don’t worry I often do the really shitty thing where I’m talking to my mate and will tell some witty story only to realise he was the one to tell it to me. Feel like such a dick every time