Rolling Threads On These Boards That You Cannot Understand The Appeal Of




I do this too…a particular mate lets me get all the way to the end to see if I’ve copied him correctly


yeah i know the thread looks incredibly tedious from the outside but i do quite enjoy looking at pictures of what others are listening to, can often provide a subtle visual reminder to check something out as well if you see it among a collage of albums you like by a user you know to be a great bunch of lads



This just makes me feel even worse.

Tell you what, to make it up, I’ll spend the week listening to cool music and then I’ll post my results in there next week.




Look, I’d do it instantly but thanks to @TKC I’ve got a load of Weezer in there which I’m not proud of, and the rest is all Cloud Nothings as I’m interviewing them on Friday. It’s literally just those two artists and it makes me look like a goober.


Like a champ*


Can’t defend the Weezer stuff, but Cloud Nothings are one of the best bands going atm :+1:


Every thread is great