Rolling: weird house listings

I’m hypnotised by Chloe’s botched lip injection. Hopefully it’s the kind that wears off.

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The decor is just horrible though, it’s pure tech bro. I also recognise the beds in all the guest rooms from “Ikea’s cheapest” range found in most rental properties so I imagine it’s one rich idiot living here on his own.

Quas looks like he’s just come off the set of that Tron remake.

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I follow the owners of this on insta, absolutely stunning. They’ve got an original built in indoor bbq and last week she live streamed cleaning and using it. Horrifying. There’s a jam jar screwed under it to collect the fat :face_vomiting: it filled the whole house with smoke

I do as well- did you see the horrifying video where they were sorting out the hot air heating, and found the whole boiler and tube system was absolutely full of black mould and they had to get the biohazard people in?

Nothing unusual about the rest of the flat just this wallpaper


I’m sure they charge a premium for that luxury penthouse

Bog-standard high rise flat in Singapore, albeit with murals covering everything.

(The Chinese buyer only bit is because by law there all housing estates have to have a mix of ethnic groups in each building)

Not a ‘listing’ but what sort of absolute weapon would spend money to have a building where their car was lifted up to their flat so they can… look at it? Have sex with it?

I think I’m a good and safe driver but would feel extremely uneasy about parking my car up there!

Maybe it’s a really exspensive version of a Big Boy Car Bed?





Something to look at while they wait for their opponent to make their chess move.

“Former nuclear bunker with potential”

Coming to an episode of Grand Designs near you

Nice lean-to for the help to shelter in as well. Thoughtful.

Can I put this in here?

6 beds. £40m. £6.6m per bedroom.

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That’s some trashy decoration as well.

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That pool area is sweet though.

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curb appeal

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