Rolling: weird house listings

No idea, but that defo seems like a fair guess.

Aside from the gazillion figurines and ornaments all over the place, really can’t figure out what’s going in there, this is the perfect house

It sounds like if you buy the place, you have to let the owner live in it until they die.

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Bonus friend for me then

have we had this one? It’s…busy


Looks like John Soane’s museum

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A Melbourne horror. Seems like they divided an already strangely shaped flat into two.

Resulting in a bath that can also serve as your tomb


So that’s where Doctor Strange has been staying.

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My word that is grim - might actually be the worst property posted in this thread. Don’t know what I find more horrifying, the door that closes in on the bath (quite like the idea of a bath in total darkness, don’t love the idea of dying in it), or the ‘kitchen’ which… how do you even use this (let alone use it safely)??


Proper Aleister Crowley feels from the angles inside. Reckon you could open the door to the bath one day and find a nameless horror waiting for you.

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Why is the bathroom labelled “p’der”? Australian term?

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“Powder room” I presume but you don’t hear it here either. Very 1930s. I guess maybe it’s some odd term to match to the period of the building?

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Does it belong to this guy?

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Thing I hate the most about the houses I’ve lived in is how unlikely they are to topple over in high winds.



Yeah I bet it does


Picture 8- saw the coats hanging up and though it was a half body :ghost: about to float through wall!

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S’a bit poky for £2,750,000 innit. Get more out of filling up the swimming pool and turning that into the living space, imo.

Was hoping it would have like 15 floors tbh

Hang on, someone called Mr Tall had a hand in this? Makes sense, I suppose!