Rolling: weird house listings

This looks like some weird photoshop job. Made me think of this

The last time I saw a floor plan that looked like that it was a keep in a D&D game.

Holy… just got to the bottom and their automatic mortgage calculator based on 10% deposit

what happened to rapunzel?

Looking at the pictures I can’t comprehend how it only has 5 floors, do they all have insanely high ceilings or is there just a void somewhere in there?

It’s 14 storeys, but only the bottom five are habitable.

Some of the upper floors are currently used to house telecoms equipment, generating an annual rental income of circa £29,500.


The estate agents came to photograph our place a month or so ago and it was a really grey day pissing down with rain - so they Photoshopped in a blue sky. Actually looks quite convincing at first glance, until you look closely.

Not ideal for people who think WiFi might be cooking their brain

Or none of the kit belongs to your provider so you still get shit signal

This isn’t a weird house listing (in fact, it’s a very nice house), but see if you can spot the slightly odd feature in the top storey shower room…

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Being John Malkovich style tiny door?

Nah they’re common access points for the roof in loft conversions. Weird but regular.

The light box directly where you have a shit is the more confusing bit, no? I would happily wave down to people, but would assume others might struggle with that.

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^ we have a winner.

Yeah, the lower panel is frosted, but still, standing on a sheet of glass as you wipe your bum is a bit off-putting.

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  • Standing
  • Sitting

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B, then A.

Safety wipe

Balls then arse?

Standing gives much, much better access to get things really cleaned up.

Cool house, but I’m posting for the gratuitousness of photo 14.


Maybe it comes with the house?