Rolling what are your parents up to thread

for the xmas period.
mine are watching Pointless. she’s never watched it before so he’s dadsplaining the rules

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working, i think

Hmmm mum doing matriarchal stuff.
My dad probably giving me a hard time cos I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m going to ruin the business :slight_smile:

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I’m discussing with my dad on Facebook the fact that the two parcels they posted us second class on 17th haven’t arrived yet. He’s probably simultaneously writing some dreary post about Corbyn.

Mum is having a nap/chilling
Dad is pottering around doing dad stuff

Mum’s put some shite on the telly that nobody’s watching, least of all her.

Fuck knows what dad’s doing. There’s a Christmas card addressed to my sister (well, her maiden name) in his handwriting in the hallway, but none for me. Fingers crossed he’s just forgotten I exist, eh.

My in-laws record pointless and then pause it while they think about their answers. Takes about 2 days to watch an episode. Mostly true story…


Mum- Getting sister from airport

Dad- Making wheaten bread and trying to assemble a router whilst getting very angry but in a very subdued manner where he says fuck that often, will get to a certain point and say ‘that’ll do bloody rightly’ and then sit down with the cat for a while with the cat doing his codebreaker things

Christmas is great folks

Mum: tending to the sick (nurse)

Dad: probably playing FB games through Mum’s account and pretending to write a Christmas sermon

mam’s just being ill (she’s really ill, has been for the last 6 weeks or so but she is feeling better despite her situation worsening)

dad’s walking about the house moaning because he finished work 2 hours early today so he’s annoyed it’s only quarter to 7

what’s the dog up to?

omg my dad does the facebook games thing. he’s obsessed with farm heroes(?)


My dad’s swearing at wrapping paper


mum said she’s just gonna use gift bags rather than wrapping presents this year, i said that’s not in the spirit of christmas and she got really annoyed

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You’re getting coal.
Wrapped in tinfoil.

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He’s laying on my mum on the sofa now

Didn’t see the post you’re replying to and assumed this was about your dad.


I never see my parents for christmas lol.

It’s fine, my dad doesn’t care cos he self-lobotomised years ago, and my step-mum never liked me anyway (and vice versa obviously).

He sent me an email a couple of days ago though and I haven’t managed to open it yet.