Rolling what are your parents up to thread

up there with the most dad thing that has ever happened. dunno how he’s going to cope with four consecutive days off work.

Pater is about to roast a chicken to take to his church

Mater is still at work

good boy :heart:

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also worth noting that he lost it at the local news the other week because an old man who was about 85 was writing to companies begging for a job because he wanted something to do, and my dad said something like “get a fucking hobby, at least you’ve lived to see YOUR state pension you prick”


My dad watching this Mary Poppins thing

‘Saw this at the west end as a kid, me mum and dad took me up there’
1 min later
‘Actually nah I saw it at Pitsea’



Been home for four hours and half of that time was spent talking to them about corbyn and foodbanks. They think Corbyn is “a good lad but a tosser with shite supporters”. Okay then.

Probably all talking about how selfish I am being living the other side of the world.

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being shouted at for ‘stealing the red and black sellotape dispensers’ from the kitchen

  1. i buy my own sellotape and dispensers
  2. the only ones i own are clear


This is perfect. Love the dogs:

Dunno, but I’ll guess at:

Dad: writing a Christmas quiz/listening to Shania Twain.
Mum: making sausage rolls.

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Mum: Working Xmas Day
Dad: All the fam are round my sister’s (apart from me)

Q: What do sane people think about quizzes?
A: They don’t impress a me much

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Ma is wrapping pressies, Pa is writing his sermon (I think)

My brother showed my mum the swipe typing feature on his phone and she told him off for being lazy

Begrudgingly enjoying impractical jokers

We just spent half an hour negotiating takeaway options because she “didn’t mind” but very clearly did.

Mum is wrapping presents and Dad is on the verge of tears playing Status Quo albums because they were the first band he ever saw live and he feels like the year has been bookended by his musical heroes dying.

Just after I typed this he came upstairs, seemingly recovered from his Rick Parfitt wobble, to tell me that the gerbils were ready for Christmas and that I had to come downstairs and see “what they had done”. What he really meant was what he’d done, i.e. put the ‘This way Santa’ and ‘Waiting for Santa’ door signs that my brother and I had as kids on and around the gerbil tank, because [direct quote] “Thems loves Christmas!”

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They’re laughing heartily at cgi penguins

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