🍷🍸 Rolling Wine/Spirits/Cocktail Thread 🍸🍷

Got two gins at the flat (Hills and Harbour seaside, another more fruity one I’ve forgotten) and Edinburgh and Caorunn gins at mum’s. Might ask for a bourbon for Christmas after having looked into them so much for a secret Santa I’ve been doing - gimme those winter old fashioned’s please!

@meowington How you taking your Maker’s?

It’s not to bad for a cheap-ish gin. I prefer pink to normal mostly anyway.

Old fashions!!
I bought a giant ice cube tray from the US so the glass is basically just a huge ice cube, MM, sugar syrup and an orange peel!

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Yeah, it could go down well cause it’s pink and it’s a girly party :smiley:

My fave gin is Jensens old tom gin. Been loving that for a long time.

Also getting really into tequila with ocho 8 resposado being my fave so far. Could drink that on it’s own with ice!

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Go for maple syrup instead of the sugar for a variation - I’m also going to use the bourbon present I got to make some bacon-washed bourbon and then do this recipe

Casco Viejo, orange juice and lemonade please.

I really like red wine but I know nothing about what the differences between the varieties are. Usually go for a rioja.


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the older the wine, the gooder the wine


It’s like looking into the eye of a … duck

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Recently enjoyed having Mezcal, Cointreau and lime juice.

Keen to get back on red wine now it’s colder and darker outside. I live above a wine bar and have still managed to avoid popping in. I’m worried that once I start, I’ll be in there every night, getting hammered with my landlord.

What’s your opinion on English wine Hoogs? Is it the same as that of English food?

Try a Malbec or Pinot Noir maybe.

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Just a little FYI for the lot of you, Rumbullian is about the only spiced rum I’ve ever really like neat.

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I’ve only tried English sparkling wine on a number of occasions, and that has been pretty good, comparable with non-vintage Champagne.

The main concern with English wine is the age of the vines, as most vineyards have only been going for a few years. You’re not going to get the same depth of flavour you get with Old World wines.

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The only English red I’ve liked is Sharpham Pinot Noir, 2016 or 17 are best due to the hot dry summers we had. Lyme Bay Sandbar is pretty good too for a white. My knowledge is pretty Devon-centric.