Rolling Winter Wrestling Thread 2020 (including Wrestle Kingdom 14 and the Royal Rimble!)

FS Miz

Tbh it was only a matter of time

Ooh smackdown just used it’s pre-taped capabilities… Bodes well for the grandaddy of them all :joy: although they better not take away the ultimate boys match for this

Btw as predicted, Bryan vs Sami for IC title! :+1:
Dolph vs Otis with no heat in an empty arena :-1:

Think the people now being announced as “out” are out of future taping but a lot of it has been tapped already? Might have the situation where a couple people have their match taped but then aren’t on the smackdown or raw before as it sounds like they’ve taped a lot of mania before the smackdowns and raws either side

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Yeah, Edge’s match is done already apparently


Uh oh, my Twitter appears to be blowing up:

Re-watched this to compare now to five years ago and see what’s changed…

A: not much!

While WM31 is still a pretty good show probably the most notable thing about it is that it just pre-dates the “women’s revolution” which kicks off in the summer. Wild seeing Shauna Bayzler Sat next to Rousey mind

Yes we’ll call it a Boneyard match as graveyard would be insensitive at this time. Also:

This promo was good and shit at the same time!?

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AEW have announced a TNT TV title tournament. Absolutely no idea how they’ll get it done in the current environment.

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Well it’s an 8 man tournament, and they have about 8 wrestlers left, so it could work. With most of the storylines on pause it kinda makes sense. Given how much they’ve had to cancel/postpone lately planning more than 1 week ahead feels like asking for problems but I guess they’ve got to do something.

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They have also apparently already filmed Moxley vs Hager so maybe they bulk recorded these matches too?

Kind of adorable but for the love of god stop Taker from tweeting


Lads… I think we are getting Biker Taker back :smile::heart_eyes:

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Oh which reminds me I’ll get on with the Wrestlemania HYPE/Spring thread imminently



It probably is booger red but they’re basically the same thing anyway :fire:

if you could do the honours @anon76851889

Has anyone seen the New Jack episode of Dark Side of the Ring? My word, that’s disturbing. I think at the end summed it up best where does New Jack gimmick start and begin. I didn’t know about the last incident, that was really bad